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Deadwood Removal - Removal of dead or dying limbs allows the tree to better heal the wound and prevent further decay while also removing a potential hazard.

Touching or Crossing Limb Removal - The removal of limbs that are touching each other or are growing in the wrong direction. In most cases these limbs are set up for failure and will eventually die. Removing the limbs when they are small however gives the tree a much better chance of healing while also taking away competition from the desirable limbs.

Reduction Pruning - If a tree is getting too big for its space reduction pruning is a way to combat that. Proper reduction cuts will not only reduce a tree in size but will also encourage growth in a desirable direction.

Trees can benefit from all of these practices. When working on a tree the smallest amount of limbs you have to remove the better. The more limbs you have to remove the more you stress the tree and the more it has to heal. For these reasons, it is important to have your trees worked on every few years to keep it under control.

When working outdoors on your landscape and lawn come spring time, larger tree maintenance is not something that a lot of people will think about immediately. Believe or not this is something that does need attention from time to time! Often times people wait for there to be a problem before taking action. Whether it be the tree has become too big for its space or a large branch has broken out and damage has occurred. Tree pruning is definitely something that is best done proactively. If you wait for something like these two examples to happen there may only be so much you can do in in regards for what is best for the tree. You are only supposed to remove a certain percentage of the trees crown ~25% MAX. If you have waited for the tree to outgrow its space, you may remove that 25% and still be left with a tree that is too big for its space. If a large branch has broken or split out this could cause a large wound in the tree that it may never recover from or possibly jeopardize the entire structural integrity of the tree. Both of these situations could lead to the only safe solution is entire tree removal. Tree removal is a last resort option and should only be pre-formed when there are no other routes.

This industry is constantly changing on what is considered acceptable in tree pruning practices. It is important that you hire a company that stays up to date on industry standards. Just 20 or so years ago tree “topping” was considered healthy and totally fine for trees. Today topping is one of the most unacceptable things you can do to a tree and believe it or not many companies are still topping trees every day! Wearing spikes in trees that were not being removed was also acceptable not very long ago. Wearing spikes in a tree that you are pruning today is a big no-no! Spikes are to be worn only in a tree that is being fully removed. Many companies still use spikes when pruning trees every day. Tree topping and wearing spikes in a tree can result in the death of the tree and the only option being tree removal. Most of these companies genuinely do not know what they are doing is wrong, this is just a simple lack of education. We want to help the trees when pruning them not hurt them! Keep an eye out if a company you hire preforms any of these unacceptable practices!

When done right there are many things that you can accomplish when pruning a tree. You can remove problem branches before they get too big, change the growth pattern of the tree, reduce weight off of longer limbs, reduce the tree in size while staying within the proper % reduction of the tree, remove dead dying and diseased limbs, and much more! Have any questions about tree pruning services? Call CUT for a free quote today!

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