Nashville Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

Cut does tree stump removal & grinding right.

Think of Cut as your one-stop-shop for tree and stump removal in Middle Tennessee. Our powerful, cost efficient, turf-friendly, and compact stump grinders can easily access areas that other companies might not be able to reach. Save your time and let the professionals handle it. We’ll get the job done right and we’re committed to leaving your yard looking great

Stump removal and thorough stump grinding is an important step in responsible yard maintenance. Whether you’re implementing a new landscaping design or preparing your property for sale, stump grinding in a smart way to improve the aesthetics of your yard. 

Why Nashville loves our Services:

  • Eliminate unsightly stumps 
  • Maximize yard space
  • Remove potential tripping hazards
  • Prohibit new growth from forming at the base of the stump
  • Simplify your lawn maintenance
  • Prevent potential damage to your mower
  • Eliminates potential insect habitats