Three Ways Trees Improve Your Property Value

When your home is appraised a few common things come to mind - square footage, lot size, location, location, location, exterior condition of the house, bed & andmore. One thing that you as a consumer might overlook are… trees! There several different ways trees can impact the value and overall desirability of your home. 

Let's Talk About Improving Curb Appeal With Trees

       Trees impress buyers as soon as the pull up in front of the house. Nothing, not even beautiful landscaping can compare to the impact that a beautiful mature shade tree has on the buyer. Mature landscaping plants and shrubs can be accomplished in just a few years where as trees to get to their optimal size for the space can take MUCH longer.

Anyone can install landscaping at anytime, trees are a longer commitment and it will be a while before you get to see them mature. It gives your property that “wow!” factor that is only attainable through trees and cannot accomplished or imitated in other ways.

Reduced Noise & Increased Privacy With Your Trees

        Whether you live on a busy road or in a tight knit suburb whatever is around you, you probably would not mind having an extra layer of buffer from it. Trees and landscaping create your own outdoor room. Smaller trees can block views from a ground level while larger trees can block any neighboring structures views from their upper stories.


All of this while also at the same time dampening an sounds from surrounding areas. It is amazing how relaxing and the amount of peace of mind that just a little bit of  privacy can accomplish. It is quite obvious when visitors or potential buyers walk the property.

Decreased Energy Bills As A Selling Point

        We all know that when we are outside we are more comfortable sitting in the shade of a tree than if we were to be out cooking in the hot sun. Some houses have the advantage of metal roofing, which can surprisingly decrease heating bills...if your house however has a shingle roof and it's obviously not an option for it to gett up & go sit under the shade of a nice tree, you can bring a tree to it! By having just 17% shade over your house during the day you can decrease your cooling bill by $10 a month, if you increase that shade up to 50% you can expect to raise your savings by an additional $20.

Equally as impressive results in energy conservation are achievable during the winter months. Trees that create a windbreak can reduce heating costs between 10-25%. This shows that trees not only increase the value of your home but can also make it cheaper while you are living there.

Trees Are A Great Investment For Your Property

        Optimized trees and landscape are a tool can increase the value of your home from 7-19%. This is something that a homeowner benefits greatly from being aware of. Not only being aware of the value that trees add but also prioritizing preservation of and care for the trees that are currently on your property. Instead of looking at them as a nuisance for the leaves they drop, or as a source of allergies, thank them for all of the benefits they provide. Keep them healthy and be sure the tree service you hire to care for them holds the same values as you.